Pandemic Alert!!! New Zombie Fever Gripping The World’s Population!

Meaningful now more than ever…

lifemeaning4u - Mavrik

The following is a post that I believe becomes more significant with each passing day in our contemporary world (updated):

zombie IIThere is a plague consuming the world’s population and it is devastating nearly every corner of the globe. The disease may vary in intensity depending on the individual and location where contracted.  The primary symptoms are:

  • High fever
  • Intense envy or jealousy
  • extreme selfishness
  • Certain aspects of Dementia such as personality changes and impaired reasoning
  • a slowing of the metabolism resulting in weight gain
  • Conditioned behavior and instinctive behavioral mechanisms are damaged
  • Cognitive abilities are severely weakened and erratic and
  • a mindless desire to consume

These are but a few of the known symptoms that may be experienced individually or collectively prior to consuming the individual human host.  Strangely enough, there is an onset of acute depression when desires are not met and aggressive behavior may follow.  The exact origin remains unknown…

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