Weekly Quote To Ponder…In Our Contemporary World

Mystic II

“In these times I don’t, in a manner of speaking, know what I want; perhaps I don’t want what I know and want what I don’t know.”

Possible answer to the question of, “What do we need as an intelligent race of beings to free ourselves of this cyclical season of uncertainty, pain and turmoil?”


If you are like most in this distressing hour of existence, you are grappling with your fears of uncertainty with regard to the tumultuous state human kind finds itself in. Wondering endlessly whether or not we will survive the day much less if there will be brighter tomorrows we can harmoniously and peacefully share with one another.

In these times  we should not despair if we do not possess all of the answers to fix our most daunting problems but rather find solace in the fact that we know what it is that we don’t want – seething interpersonal hatred towards one another; a lack of truth and integrity within those who hold authority over us; constant struggling as a community of peoples, as well as individuals, for meager survival within a world continuously gravitating towards the “Have’s and Have Nots”.

We know we don’t want the constant pain of losing the minimal peace and self-respect that seems to slip away from us with every untruth told or fabrication constructed to pacify us by those without conscience or sympathy; with each fiendish machination manufactured to divide us from one another; with every device devised to wreak destruction upon our homes, our lands and our world; with each and every senseless death.

It is here where we begin to make sense of it all – coming to terms with the reality of understanding exactly where we are and with knowing what we don’t want and have the courage to embrace an unknown of possibilities of that which we can create a better tomorrow together!


Considering Marsilio Ficino, “The Letters of Marsilio Ficino, Volume 3”

Ponder III

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth


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