New Moon and the Illumination of the Tomorrow Time

In a dark-lit sanctuary where no word is spoken, two of three begets three and one

Embers smoldering and cleansing consumes air and night

A new moon pulls on shadowy waters as they ebb and flow

Spoken words not heard utter that which is on the horizon

I enter the silence and listen:

The angel appears as stable comfort to that which is on the horizon as the flames seek breathless altitude

She preaches temperance of all that has come to be known

A calamity will soon cross and knowledge and understanding that has coalesced into enlightenment must now be employed by the child

Much has been given and now much will be expected

The path to Wisdom exacted and enormous price – paid for with love and loss; pain and anguish; betrayal and disillusionment

Now the chiseled marble has taken form and must begin its directed quest of purpose

The tower is beginning to crumble and the toll on life will be high for sure

No where to run, no where to hide and thoughts reflect only of selfishness; and of greed; and of time and opportunities wasted

The land, sea and air offer no solace for the Banker must be paid

Where now does the once mighty turn for comfort and forgiveness?

Maybe the child will be forgiving to the parent or perhaps not

For in deeds so foul, you have alienated your Savior and tarnished your grace

There can be no denial of this, sins must be acknowledged before healing can begin

Make no mistake proud and former bird of prey, the abused child has grown and will reluctantly take his rightful place as Guardian of Strength, of Power, of Understanding and of Great Wisdom and the Allatori stands patiently, readily obeying His every command

Pray that you are granted forgiveness for if not, a long and brutal winter will set upon you

Growing pains in this New Order will be realized and never forget that you have brought this upon yourselves

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi Thoth


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