Weekly Quote To Ponder…In Our Contemporary World

Mystic II

“Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed.”

Possible answer to the question of, “What is it we continuously nurture that will one day gain total sovereignty and devour us whole?


It is not difficult to see the true relationship between the question and answer.  The three headed dragon is an apocalyptic beast of our own construction.

Stupidity undermines our intellect and corrupts the ability to courageously face a world in which we can all have the opportunity to prosper equally.

Fear in excess prevents the understanding and appreciation of that which differs from our skewed viewpoint of an existence we mistakenly believe was meant solely for our own personal measure.

..and Greed, of course, is the insatiable desire to consume or possess more than what is necessary generating an imbalance of Creation. We voraciously seek selfish gratification regardless of its destructive nature.

Together this three headed monster will methodically destroy all things in its wake.  On the eve of this destruction, there can be no weeping or regret for we have ignorantly given birth to the instrument of our own demise.

Unfortunately, it is easier to split the atom than it is tearing apart the heads of these destructive forces from one another.

(Considering Albert Einstein – geboren 14 March 1879, gestorben 18 April 1955)

Ponder III

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth

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