Trump 3:16


The world raged long before the narcissist saviour arrived

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred

The Conservative Selfish Child remained on his high-horse for far too long

…as a self- entitled, self-loathing hypocrite

…immersed in parochial dogma that had to be accepted by ALL

…waging war just to wage war just because it can be waged to acquire desires that must be met

The Forgotten Liberal Sibling subjugated for far too long must have the attention it craves and deserves

…lost in a myriad of reasons why the belief in their own superiority is manifest destiny

…deluded in conscience and perspective that “if what is or has been is not all inclusive, then by their own right it must be replaced with another vision. Their vision.”

…waging war just to wage war just because the ownership of “Justice”, “Honesty” and  “Integrity” surely is not shared but a monopoly that is exclusively “Mine” and not the “Others”

With these competing ideological philosophies, why then wouldn’t Trump 3:16 be what we all deserve?

…to all suffer universally Together

…to humbly acknowledge Together the karmic reciprocity of egocentric actions we have taken

…to cower in fear Together to “the Monster” we have manifested from our worst nightmare

…to be silenced by our Beast

Trump 3:16 is what we have ALL ignorantly created in our self-obsessed pursuit of our own desires

…and it is, without a doubt, what we ALL deserve

…so be not worried for the morrow and accept that which “IS” for today that has been fashioned by our own hands, in our own ignorance

…in greed

…in jealousy

…in corruption

…and in hatred


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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