Thanksgiving Day Thoughts 2016

Ponder III
Calvin & Hobbes


I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts with everyone this Thanksgiving Day 2016. I hope that you find them meaningful………………………………………………………………..

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  • Whatever this thing we call life is or however we define it, it is a unique opportunity filled with moments that will only occur once as far as our ability to perceive them is concerned.  Whether we consider these moments to be good, bad or are indifferent to us, we should learn and grow from the experiences as well as treasure them.
  • As we pass through this journey, many souls will inevitably transition into and out of our lives.  Some will seek to contribute to this trek we find ourselves on while other malevolent beings will endeavour to detract from it.  When we understand the experiences from all of them and grow from the encounters, we acquire wisdom which is far more valuable than gold, silver, precious gems or anything else that can be obtained in creation.
  • Be wary not to make something or someone a priority when by contrast you are only considered to be, at best, a contingency plan. There should always be equilibrium between that which is sought and that which is obtained.
  • Our lives and the world we inhabit are defined by our perceptions. When we have mastered our perceptions, we will have unlocked the secret to that very elusive thing we call Happiness.
  • There is nothing in existence that can’t be acquired, lost or taken. Therefore true focus should be on the development of oneself in order to contribute to the enhancement and continuity of all that exist around this.  By doing this, we ensure peace, balance, prosperity, growth and maturation for all including ourselves.
  • Love and Hate, Peace and Conflict coexist in a perpetual state that serves to foster equilibrium throughout known creation.  As one waxes the other wanes. Learning to successfully navigate through them is an essential part of life growing and re-inventing itself.
  • We should understand that defining ourselves and who we want to be comes at a price. We should fully comprehend every choice we make and price to be paid for it. We must also learn to accept the consequences for our actions on the world around us as well as on ourselves.

Whoever you are; wherever you may be or whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, I truly wish you inner peace; a Happy Thanksgiving and the comfort, protection and blessings of the Creator!

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

*Featured image by Mindy Lighthipe

Cam – Burning House

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