Inseparable Spirit (03.10)

A Poem

Melancholy and forgotten, laying and praying among thorns of sweet pain and reflection

the Princess’ day of birth approaches with angst and pleasure as his faithful companion

Giving unwanted remembrance of long forgotten roses and thistles

He – self evolved in a manner that could not be achieved with her by his side

She – now physically matured in a manor that could not have been foreseen by seventy and seven angels hopelessly cloaked all in white and red

He – wanting so much to feel as he had once felt yet without feeling that eternal love’s loss of innocence

She – consumed with passions of distraction yet devoid of passionate embrace of that once held so dear

Both forgotten in exchange for one another’s fears and separation

By God’s vengeance there will be reckoning for mischievous tinkering and machinations in their division of the two into the one

By God’s grace there will be the union of Heart and Soul once again, inseparable and forever merged and forged by destiny’s embrace

…..What can be expressed as two become one once again but, “Hello Love My Invincible Friend.  The grass is truly greener; the sky is inexplicably bluer; our minds undeniably wiser; our future together without question sensationally brighter and without end!”

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II






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