Where We Have All Been (Poem)

Road II

(Thoughts derived from a recent road trip)

On a dark and lonely highway many things roll through my head

I’m in a life I barely recognise, one that’s nearly dead

I reflect upon those I thought I once knew

like friends, lovers even family that I walked this life with too

But it all seems like make believe of a play whose purpose I can’t perceive

Some memories burn in the darkness so unbelievably bright

while others fade like the flicker of a candle solemnly into the night

Some scream out for my attention like coals that blaze white hot

while others beg in anguish for death, to be buried and long forgot

On this road of twisted memories and the illusions created by  demons of present and past

There is a truth that I cannot deny and one that will forever last

and that is I alone decide the path I take and after must accept the hands of fate

So here I go now, back on this road again – continuing on the route of my own choice

musing about songs on the radio that I hear in my mind with a tattered voice

I then reflect upon the road ahead as the anxiety slowly mounts

knowing that the reality now that I create must be envisioned carefully as every moment counts


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


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