Democracy is Dying and No One Seems to Notice

winter discontent IV
Scene from the film “Planed of the Apes”

How evident has it been of government intrusion and control into our everyday lives; the manipulation of our minds and emotions through the news & social media and the gradual decimation of our individual freedoms and liberties? If the recent WikiLeaks of the DNC, DCC, etc. as well as past whistle-blowers such as Snowden has taught us anything it’s that freedom, liberty and individualism is being reduced to an historical afterthought.  The masses have been manipulated into petty infighting over just about every issue one can think of; exploited for cheap, menial labour and hypnotised into surrendering their consciousness and intelligence through mass advertising by corporate slave owners.

Though we seemed to have emerged, slightly, from the nocturnal abyss of the Animal Farm mentality as evident by the current flux of the American political rebellion, we still can’t quite seem to grasp the fact that the “US” against “Them” scenario involves those 1% that wish to subjugate the 99% by virtually any means necessary.  With the evidence presented right before our very own eyes, it seems we are still willing to foolishly war with one another for scraps that fall from the plates and tables of our masters.  In this instance

Ponder III
Calvin & Hobbes

I am not sure that the human race, especially the 99% squabbling masses, deserve the blessing of this life that was meant for us to have. We currently find ourselves quickly approaching the heart of winter yet instead of wisely preparing for it, we ridiculously continue arguing amongst one another with regard to the lack of preparation. We fight about who’s responsible for failing to store enough food or mindlessly bicker over who is culpable for not gathering enough wood for fire for the approaching harsh season instead of focusing on what really matters – preserving liberty, freedom and Democracy for ALL citizens as defined by the Founding Fathers.


We fail to grasp the obvious and that is we must band together and end the divisiveness that we as a race of beings have been mired in for centuries if not since our creation. The endless cycle of war, corruption and hate brought on by hubristic pride, anger, apathy, greed, jealousy, gluttony, lust and envy will eventually end us all. Perhaps that may not be a bad thing. If we are unable to appreciate the blessings that we have inherited in this nation then perhaps that task should fall to those that will. The world itself is suffering and we are not living up to our potential as a shining example of what a true Democracy really means.  Of how a nation, government and people of truth, honesty, understanding, wisdom, compassion and integrity can really positively impact an entire world.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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