Just A Thought

Illusion IV

Which are you?

1) Trapped within the construct of the Matrix unable to differentiate illusion from reality

Illusion II
From the Matrix

2) Buried with your head firmly in the sand afraid to see the truth beyond the illusion that has been obscured by smoke and mirrors

Illusion VI

3) Wide awake perceiving every detail of a world that is slowly and methodically disintegrating under our very noses while an elite few subjugates the masses as they slumber

Illusion I
From the Matrix

*Are you capable of fully comprehending the question and choices or are you immersed too deeply within the illusion itself to even care?

Illusion VIII
From the Matrix

At some point EVERYONE will have to wake up to reality and leave behind the comforting yet false illusions of the Matrix.  But will it be too late to make a difference for us and the world in which we live?

If you understand the question and choices now, take the “red” pill to emerge from your slumber and begin to educate yourself. See the world around you as it actually is.

If you prefer to remain within the illusion that has been created to subjugate you, take the “blue” pill and continue to foolishly acquire meaningless possessions and creature comforts all the while drifting helplessly into an abyss.

The choice is yours but whatever one you make you MUST accept the consequences of that choice!   Whichever option you choose know that the path will not be easy especially the road towards TRUTH!


Ponder III
Calvin & Hobbes


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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