36 Hours and A World Apart (Poem)

Red Rain I

In a moment of warmth and joy, beauty and hope is never ending

Now follows the void and a journey into darkness

Fear reigns as king and consternation is his consort

Never before has contrition been in such abundance and piety at a premiumRed Rain II

no land left a sanctuary and no soul left untouched

What ponders Augustus in the day before slumber

Mischief composed by families of avarice knows no boundaries as red rain falls and lunar blood flows

Who then seeks forgiveness for odious deeds and wisdom from the heavens

while destruction rules and death is ordained

Oh why was the word of the sages not heededRed Rain V (2)

In a call to arms I responded

At the centre of the shadow, was found the light of being

An expedition through the celestial gateway is at hand

Without trepidation or despair a journey of the ages is undertaken and a destiny is fulfilled

What lessons are observed on the fourth as light once again pierces the veil of the night


Wisdom II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II








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