Thoughts on Politics

The Republican Presidential Debate was quite brutal Thursday night.  Trump got beat up by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as they took their turns on him much like Will Smith got beat in his video “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  Trump took the abuse well though in my humble opinion. He hung tough unlike Rubio did when Gov. Christie caught him in headlights!


…or could you compare the beating he took to being tag teamed by the wrestlers – The Road Warriors?

cruz.rubio II
The Road Warriors



In retrospect Cruz and Rubio would be better compared to the “Rock-n-Roll Express beating up on King Kong Bundy!



cruz.rubio III
Rock-n-Roll Express a.k.a. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz
King Kong
Bundy a.k.a. Trump



Again, it’s just humour everyone. Hope you had a laugh. I know I sure did!

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