March Musings

March III
Just musing on:
  • How fast the month of March arrived.  Time is flying by this year and I’m really not March Ihaving fun!
  • Can the United States survive another month of Bernie, Hillary, Donald, Ted and Alice? Uh, I meant Marco not Alice though he really seems like the girl in the Republican Band.  I believe the philosophical ethos expressed by all the candidates is worthless chatter as they are all in bed together politically anyway. Just two sides of the same coin am I right!
  • What are the running odds on who will be the next US president. I was hoping for 1/1,000,000 for all of the above but then I thought to myself – why care! If this is the best that we can do – we are Really in trouble!
  • I wonder why they are calling March 1 in the US “Super Tuesday?” It seems rather rotten and mediocre to me
  • Really anticipating the Batman versus Superman film.  I believe it will be an March Vunprecedented block-buster. Why Can’t we have superheroes like Batman and Superman to save us? Oh, perhaps the reason is that most inhabitants of this world truly don’t care about being saved.  The important preoccupations seem to be with:
    •  how much more money can I accumulate while avoiding having to pay taxes on it
    • can I consume enough drugs and alcohol to forget how f**ked up this life is
    • can I avoid dying long enough to get my hands on the latest fashions or carcinogen inducing gadgets to invoke envy in my family, friends, and everyone else while ignorantly making corporations richer
    • can I continue to afford to waste food, water and other resources without it catching up to me in MY lifetime
    • what does it matter that most of our civic leaders lack honesty and integrity.  The fact that they make me feel important while courting my vote or make me to believe that they are placing my particular self-interests above that of collective society or their own while blatantly robbing me blind and extinguishing my faith in government is not a problem. Just as long as I get something out of the deal
  • When will everyone in the United States come to realise that mainstream media is more entertainment and public opinion rather than news
  • How many more terrorist attacks can we count on this month to continue to drive selfish, autocratic changes in society designed to curtail liberties and freedoms? By the way, is anyone planning on purchasing a new Apple IPhone?  And speaking of terrorists, has anyone wondered why ISIS stopped beheading prisoners for publicity? Did that go out of style for them? Oh, and what ever happened to the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram? Is anything being done to retrieve them or were they just the political flavour of the month – whatever month that was?  (Things that should make you go – “Hmmm”)
  • Is the manipulation of the financial markets over now or are there still a few more that have to be bankrupted before we can have a little peace and quiet (just a little)
  • Can we expect bright performances at this years summer Olympics or will there be dark days overshadowing the events? Maybe, just maybe, mosquitos infected with Zika will score most of the goldMarch IV
  • Will there be any strange or unusual UFO sightings this year now that scientist believe that there is another planetary body making its way through our solar system? By the way, why is it that aliens prefer to speak Latin? I’m not quite sure but I  could ask the (Ab duct ees).   Sorry, mea culpa
  • Should we really start taking planetary climatic changes seriously now that Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned it in his acceptance speech at the Oscars?
  • Will March truly be the month of MADNESS? If so, will the government at least give March VIIus a break on the cost of synthesised medications that will eventually drive us to an early grave? Or at the very least provide fitted straight-jackets instead of one-size fits all.
  • Oh, and exactly how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Roll lollipop anyway? Some wise owl whooted it was three but I believe that it is a whole lot more. (Look it up!)


Regardless  of what comes, I wish everyone continued growth, maturity, health, safety, prosperity and wisdom.

P.S.  Beware the Ides of March. Julius didn’t and look what happened to him!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


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