JUST A THOUGHT, “What Is This Journey?“

Mind, Spirit, Soul

We all must be conscious of our individual journey and those with whom we choose to share it.

As this world seems to disintegrate around us rapidly and methodically, each of us must look inward and take stock of exactly who we are and the path we currently find ourselves on. There is little time for frivolity as the uncharted, rough seas advance us into an abyss, we have never known prior.

This is a time to employ compassion, thoughtfulness, strength, understanding and wisdom to weather the on-coming storm and chart a course anew. One in which we seek individual and collective evolution and put aside selfishness, self-destructiveness, arrogance, ignorance and vanity.

Though a harsh Winter is upon us, we must not lose sight or hope in the Spring that lies beyond.

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi


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