When the Silence is Broken (Poetic Reflection)

How the air flows gently through the windows of mind as I mind myself in peaceful tranquility and thoughtful contemplation when…


Thoughts of inadequacy evolving into anxiety as surrounding parochial voices, selfish and deceitful, lash out carelessly and are heard in every direction

determined to incarcerate the flesh of all others while subverting mind and soul to THEIR will, they war carelessly for wealth, power and hubris

Animals preying upon themselves under the cloak of darkness and by the deceptive glow of day internalizing jealousy and ignorance, the kind that courts eternal death for all both great and small

Thoughtless words ignite conflict, conflict begets anger, anger escalates into passionate screams of vengeance, then war where screams are courted and assembled into a chorus where Aries finds his element as Conductor

Soon disbelief of the antagonists arises, the air grows thin around them as heat and light mushrooms to sky preparing bounty for the Boatman of the Styx

Woe to those without benefactor or means to be ferried

How the warm breeze gently escorts the jasmine through the Elysian Fields divining sense and sensibility yet there is no rest as…


Gaia tantrums, Terra Firma begins to faulter and all tremble beneath as the mountains roll back and rumble while the heavens in thunderous consternation open, then roar to remind the once mighty caretakers, now fallen, that there was never ownership of Her domain

The depts of the sea prepare to consume then regurgitate its abusers It is reminded that only by GRACE the children were clothed, provided food and shelter, the soothing caress of her sea and gentle embrace of light and colorful fauna as it nourished all

However, it is understood that there is no rest for the wicked or the foolish

For Children will always be children, never content and never satisfied

Time grows inevitably shorter leaving only reflection of peace and the silence that endures no longer

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi

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