Nightly Emotional Contemplation

Another early morning up before sunrise in another restless night.

I realise with absolute clarity that this cannot go on! My Emotions can find only this time to engage in thought-provoking contemplation.

While I find some peace deep within slumber, They will out. Damn that lock and key!

Once again I find myself grappling to return you to where you belong – buried within a citadel of triviality…but going willingly is not the plan I see.

Alright then, up for a piss, a drink and i’ll put on that slow, intense melody that seems to assist in explaining your two-dimensional perspective.

Perhaps I’ll put pen to paper for another bloody love poem or maybe put oil to canvass while you speak your truth. God knows I won’t get back to my much needed and required blissful heaven until your thoughts are exhausted in anger, screams or tears.

So let’s begin…I remember the last one – she was just too clingy as well as emotional and could not comprehend my vision or appreciate my voracity.

Before that, I grew tired of the one so desparately trying to be a lady while constantly speaking untruth after untruth.

…and of course lest we forget the one that was so horrified of the natural human maturing process that she waged nonstop warfare to hold on to fading youth immersed in constant drinking and overthinking.

So tell me now, why would you have me re-live all of this at the witching hour? Why can’t you leave me to my divine slumber?

Listening to your same mindless, inconsequential lyrics repeatedly is pure torture. Now You are the one taking a Piss out of me!

Please elucidate what you desire I understand so that we both may return to tranquil dormancy!

Is it that many exist lacking emotional maturity or possessing discontinuity of rational thought to engage in meaningful relationships? Or is it that I am incapable of making significant commitment and sound decisions? Could you be suggesting that I have erected walls of expectation so high as not to be breached by anyone or that I am devoid of the capacity towards intricate personal connections? Or could it possibly be that you wish to torment me incessantly with regard to the necessity of accepting ones failures and getting right back on the horse so to speak?

Come now, elaborate on your nightly inclination to intrude upon my journey into fantasy and rejuvenation. I am waiting patiently and dispassionately for you to voice your veritas.

And You state solemly (Let it Go)

Oh I see. You just required time away from your incarceration to be heard.

I acknowledge that the surface of what you want to convey has barely been scratched and I will further ruminate on your pontificating revelations but can we leave this for another night, or perhaps day? I promise there will be a tomorrow for you.

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi

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