Just A Thought, Truth or Consequences?

With a Quill of contrast I contemplate, “Has Truth been purged from the folds of Humanity?”

Has it ever existed at all? For where does it lie in every vacuous greeting, “Good Morning”?

Is there ever any earnest and verifiable anxiety expressed when asked, “How are you?” or is it meaningless chatter to get

one passed another annoyance? Perhaps it’s just another means of demonstrating psuedo concern to maintain social pretenses?

“Let’s keep in touch”; “I’ll call you” or “You can trust me” have been stated ad nauseam to the point where the words and phrases have little to no meaning at all.

And then there is that zenith of expressions constructed to capture and illuminate the very essence of our being, “I Love You” which is now said so matter-of-factly in nearly every human language that it almost lives up to the stature of casually stating, “Nice weather isn’t it?”.

Have you received your token declaration and bright, shiney trinkets paying homage to that Saint of Love filled with pomp and circumstance but bearing little voracity except as testament to ones ability to be utterly, meticulously conditioned into demonstrating expressions of illogical emotion and behavior designed to bolster economic materialism?

If only vows of matrimonial devotion could be programed within to such a degree as to negate the use of solictiors and the ceremonial process of emptying personal coffers to extricate one from their eternal pledges of love and devotion, civil proceedings would be virtually a thing of memory.

We aesthetically elevate Truth while simultaneously employing deception to the point as to make fact-checking an imposibility.

How did mankind get so adept at internalising this conctrast in its basic nature and could there ever be a point in human evolution where Truth will be embraced and accepted as a natural means for personal and social development without being considered sparingly necessary or considered a tool of communication to inflict anguish for the emotional imbalance and turmoil that exist within us when we feel pain?

Perhaps the Truth was never meant to be communicated freely and openly by one another but just another weapon in our arsenal to get us through this thing called life.

Just a thought.

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi

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