The Simple Lessons That Haven’t Been Learned

BreakingUp IV

Growing up and growing old

Valuable lessons had to be bought but none were sold

Just a little to expensive for your taste

Too bad because they were worth their weight in gold

An “I’m Sorry” here or a “Thank You” there would have gone a long way to nurturing our souls

but you thought the world owed you much more than you were given to be sure

A notion reinforced by heartache and pain handed down through the years

has left you hard, fearful, entitled and unwilling to shed honest tears

So what can I say

there was truth and angels present when we met early that day

But without learning those lessons to shed light on those dark little places

the only way for us to grow was apart

To think of the journey we made together

and the many promises that were foretold

Losing it all for the sake of those simple lessons that haven’t been learned

Is a high price to pay for a faithful story that will never unfold


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



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