Rise – In Those Lonely Hours II (An Easter Poem)

Easter II

Rise to the call of your destiny

Rise to conquer death

Rise to honour the Word made truth

Rise against doubt, against ignorance, against fear and against hatred

Rise against thieves, villains, giants and demons

Rise to challenge the manipulators and the subjugators

Rise to anoint disciples and the prophets

Rise to instruct the teachers and to inspire the students

Rise to turn back the darkness and to illuminate the night

Rise because you have been called by Love and the promise of never ending PeaceEaster III

Rise because you believe, have faith and will not be forsaken

Rise because you are protected and He knows your name

Rise, Rise, Rise I said because it is time for your Father’s return and for you to rest


Ne derelinquas me , neque despicias me Pater


Wisdom II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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