In Those Lonely Hours (A Poem)

Passion I

As the sun sets from view  into its serene cradle

Betrayal is evident from nearly every direction

Isolated in thought that can not be communicated to another

and given a monumental task that cannot be quantified,

an unconquerable figure waits patiently for the inevitable end to an arduous journey

With pain and anguish as a mantle and the Word of His Father as comfort,

an expedition into darkness is undertaken

Incalculable agony is endured to throngs assembled in both curiosity and pleasure

Few mourn His inescapable pilgrimage into the arms of His Beloved

The wise weep as they endeavour to understand the necessity of sacrifice

Centuries of mourning and expectation of reunification abides with the masses

as evil of time and times germinates and exponentially flourishes

The faithful wait humbly for both solace and redemption

while enduring the torture and torment in the age of the malevolent


Benedic mihi Pater

Ne longe fias a me Dominus


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II





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