Predictions I

When it comes  to predicting the winner of the United States Presidency for 2016…..

Donald Trump

Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio

John Kasich

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

None of the Above


……..My prediction is NONE of the ABOVE!


  • It seems that the Republican party is intent on self-destruction. This would be politics IVpreferable to them rather than nominating Donald Trump as its nominee as evident by Mitt Romney’s laser-focused tirade against him on Thursday 03/03/2016.
  • Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio just can’t seem to coalesce enough of the electorate around them to secure the nomination. Their campaigns are in seriousbuilding Trump X.png.jpg desperation which can clearly be observed by how they are “gang-banging” him now. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney did not endorse either of them for the presidency seemingly leaving an open door for himself for a possible third run for the White House or to put forth another candidate
  • John Kasich doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades unfortunatelypredictions III in my opinion
  • Hillary Clinton has serious integrity issues as evident by the Classified Emails,building Trump VII.png Clinton Foundation and Benghazi scandals. I expect one of those issues or some other involving her integrity, or lack thereof, will come back to bite her in the backside. And let’s be honest for a moment, anyone else in her position would be taken to account for the aforementioned issues.  To her credit though, she may be able to employ the “Affluenza” defence.
  • Though Bernie Sanders has a galvanizing campaign especially with regard to the younger voters, his appeal as a socialist does not seem to be broad enough to secure him the presidency


At this point, in all honesty, I would be a better candidate for the office of the president Predictions IIand may just write my own name in on the ballot.  Hey, by what has transpired in this election process, anything can happen. I think I will start defining my views on the important issues of our time. My vision, “America Deserves Better!”

If you should happen to see “Mavrik” on the ballot – give me a chance and I thank you for your support in November!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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