Trump: How to Build One of Your Very Own



1x part – An extremely angry electorate that no one seems to understandbuilding Trump II


1x part – Fear of added Liberalism to the Supreme Courtbuilding Trump XII.png.jpg.png


2x parts  – of liberal polices by perceived weak leadershipbuilding Trump IV.pngbuilding Trump V.png


3x parts – of attacks on him by a bias media, liberal Democrats and his own party

Election I

Mitt Romney


7x parts – of several kinds of insane     building Trump XI.png.jpg.png


A liberal dose of the mindless

building Trump III.png

2x parts – of a Liberal Socialist and Integrity-lacking opponent

building Trump VIII.pngbuilding Trump VII.png

2x parts – Government corruption

building Trump VI.png


and add in several parts of vicious attack dog for good measure

building Trump IX.png



and you got a Trump!

building Trump XIII.png.jpg.png.jpg


Let me know how yours turn out!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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