Sorry I Missed Your Call

Right On Time I

I am sorry I missed Your Call

You came to me when I was vulnerable

Gave me the gift of insight and showed me how it was going to be

That I was more than I thought I was

But I was frightened and feared your vision even though I did not act so

There were so many doubts but I know now that I was just being foolish

You were always there for me Right On Time

Though I stumbled around with my eyes closed hoping to hit the bullseye in the dark,

I was just deluding myself

At the appointed time, You gave me the signal

But in my ignorance I dismissed it

With pride and stupidity I ignored Your Call

I realise now that You have been waiting on me to grow out instead of in

I can see clearly that Your Wisdom is true and that You want what’s best for me

Give me another chance because I want to grow wise too

Give me another chance because I want to see beyond sight

Give me another chance because I want to know beyond what is known

So before You leave come back, forgive my sins of ignorance and arroganceRight On Time IV

Enlighten me and lift my spirit to where it has never been before

Give me another chance to know You and abide with You

because I don’t belong here without You

You were Right On Time and I am sorry I missed Your Call!


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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