When There Is No “E-Pluribus Unum” or the UN-United States (A Few Thoughts)

The United States has been unique for the majority of its history as the world’s first primary experiment with a new democratic form of government. Unfortunately, it will also demonstrate how fantastically and irrevocably it can deteriorate and destroy itself in such a relatively short period of time after birth. This is considered, by opinion, to be a monumental failure especially given the manner in which it was born and its expansion – through a thirst for freedom from tyranny and on the backs of slave labour, the theft of Native American lands and the exploitation of minorities/poor to build its infrastructure. Never has one been blessed with so much, even though by questionable means, only to destroy itself by greed, ignorance, lust, exceptional mismanagement by inept leadership and shameless exploitation of its greatest natural resources – people and land.

The country is but a shadow of what it was at inception and continues to decline at an unparalleled rate. There are many reasons for this of course but none so evident as the crippling connections between the poor, immature nature of its leaders and an immature/intellectually, uneducated population led by that leadership. Regardless of the structure and type of government, it is those at its core that determines whether or not the nation will rise towards utopia or fall and be buried layers beneath the dust of the earth’s crust only to be remembered by remnants of artifacts recovered long after its passing.

Ironically, the United States has allowed itself to be corrupted by individuals and groups of individuals within a unique framework of government constructed with “checks and balances” within to safeguard against the essence of what is destroying it now, a two-party system that keeps the general population emotionally unbalanced, impoverished and focused on internal fighting so that the overlords (two-party system) may grow financially more powerful while corporate greed vampirically sucks the life out of every facet of the nation. It becomes clear why the nation’s educational system is a virtual trainwreck focused on promoting expensive institutions that only seem to value an individual’s personal pronouns and increasing their personal coffers rather than developing strong, intelligent, leadership dedicated to using their ideas, ideals and talent, regardless of personal bias, to collectively evolve the society in which they reside and by default, the rest of the world around them. It is also noteworthy to mention that the ignorant allowance of massive, unvetted immigration to be exploited for political aspirations and a source of relatively inexpensive slave labour will only hasten the nation’s demise through future culture wars that are destined to arise.

It would be exceptionally comical if it were not so tragic, to listen to the population discussing ad nausea blue and red states; touting their particular party affiliations as if it were a badge of honour and how associating with their diametrically opposed adversary (yes, adversary), whether in the community or socially, would be a sin against God and Nature. All the while, those in elite positions advance in more wealth and prominence as the “hogs” are left to continue their fight against one another in the slop having the engagement rules of combat dictated and interpreted to them by the caretakers of the Animal Farm. It matters not that the farm around them is rapidly falling into decay or ruin. The only importance to the swine is that they best their adversary by any means allotted to them at the chagrin of their foremothers and fathers after having birthed a promising system of governance.

E Pluribus Unum, out of many one, the once grand motto of a promising people and nation now seems to be a long, forgotten meme only to be replaced by its opposite – unus ex multis. The rise of the United States was spectacular, unheralded and unprecedented. Its demise will surely surpass its birth in both scope and world reaction.

Adiuva me verterem Figurem mundi

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