A Testimonial on Behalf of HumanKind

…”Now comes testimony by Ha the Satan”

I have been waiting patiently listening to the fowl consternations and forebodings of death and destruction

of those Ne’er-do-wells preaching their dark prophesies against the man-beast and I say, “ENOUGH!”

I feel compelled to speak, nay to strongly advocate, on their behalf and to give all necessary support to ensure that they CONTINUE ON THEIR PATH as they see fit

From the very beginning – endowed by their creator; gifted with sentience and the automony to follow their own will, they have undeniably blazed an amazing journey

…of personal development

…of bio-ecological evolution

…of technological discovery and of course

…of social and political self empowerment

I dare not bore this ridiculous inquistion with a litany of their achievements in support of my assertions

Though they may be possessed of certain distasteful proclivities…

I contend, as it has been stated, “let those among us prone not to transgression, cast the first lot of stone…followed by more if one so chooses.”

They require no course-correction, no chastisement, no punitive “actions” and most certainly no rehabilitation.

Now I do realise that this court may stand in utter shock at my unfathomable posture given my previous discourse with respect to the assertion of these… “Beings” as an abomination but I have seen the brightness of the Morning Star shinning luminously within them.

They are creatures of purity…of single minded volition focused on self-elevation though that has manifested itself in the form of wonton destruction, self-centeredness and self-aggrandizement, self-loathing, murder of their fellows and global war. I have actually learned much from them – an unyielding capacity for deceit, mischievousness, deception, of self-hatred towards their own for the most frivolous of reasons and so on and so forth ad nauseam. Surely they can teach us a thing or two?

I also realise that members of this court may be inclined to believe that I have played some part in their machinations toward their drive toward individual power and self-elevation, and perhaps self-destruction. I concede that I have given suggestion, influenced and perhaps even provided an insentive or two but this court is well aware that I cannot “make anyone do anything out of free-will”. One might even say that I have been testing their metal with respect to joining us. Choices have been made and responsibility must be accepted.

In conclusion, if these… “darlings” are on the path towards extinction then I say so beit! I reafirm that they have free-will to decide their own fate. They have consciously drawn their lots and the die has been cast. I fully support their journey wherever it may lead. And I would remind this court that should the worst come to pass, we have a world anew to manage, to re-populate and perhaps to find more thoughtful caretakers.

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi

No Need For Humankind Rehab

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