A Prophecy: Illumination of Six by Four

Prophecy II

Unable to find rest in the heart of shadow, illumination of six is sought by four

After personal revelation divined, the fate of the bird of Jove comes…

As it lays mired in struggle and conflict with anxious unsatisfied desires

It has only itself to credit for its immersion in the shadowy fluid of Selene’s obscurity

..Embraced by deception and disgrace, the Hunter now falls deeper in despair

It seeks the guidance of the mature and bold in harvest to resuscitate its fortunes and to return it to the path of success and peace

There will be respite after an illness so grim but it will only be temporary

The weary predator then submerges itself in nostalgia and faded images long since vanished unaware of the calamity in its wake

It will be a complete and sudden reversal of substance catching the majority of her fold unawares

Such misery and disillusionment mantels both the just and unjust as old beliefs are irrevocably broken down

There is no trust, no friendship as much of what was becomes undone

Only the sword brings comfort as conflict reigns

This is what must be in the time of Aries

All children must wait patiently for a time and times in fear, in pain, in hunger, in death for the current chapter to close and another begins anew

As the orb rises, the Oracle closes

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundiThoth


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