Another Thought in Deep Contemplation


In this once luxurious and pristine mansion where one wanted for nothing

…with parents away sibling rivalry continues unabated

In parochial conduct and in pure selfishness, they bitterly wage war with one another escalating with the passage of each season

…there is nothing that holds reverence within the tribe of adolescents

The only aim is to establish oneself as the rightful authority exercising dominion over all in the absence of their progenitors

Slowly, chaotically the edifice is eroded from within

…weathered by sectarian violence and the purity of their ignorance

There is neither surcease of blame nor sorrow

To be sure, the consequences of their puerile actions incurs an enormous toll which none can afford to pay

A house truly divided against itself will fall to be sure

…then comes the hoard of conquerors laying waste to all

There is no place to run, no place to hide

No disparity between the masses now. Only regret, heartache, pain and death is equally distributed among the benighted children

No time for reflection of one’s part in the theatrical tragedy that has fully unfolded

Equality is now restored…in darkness

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi Thoth

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