…And So It Begins

And So I

It starts with a dream, time drifts in serene swirls of warm, soothing pastel colours

She appears, occupying every moment igniting senses only reserved for fantasy and fairy tales

Our eyes locked in an unbreakable embrace as all of time and space pauses endlessly

and now she’s in me, each cell infected  boiling perilously out of control

There is the realization that mind, body and soul is no longer my own

Fear gives way to euphoria and I submit to this mysterious and unseen predator

In an instant I am shackled, a prisoner captured in a moment by just one gaze

The irony, free will and sovereignty is surrendered without contest

There she stands – lithe and statuesque as a marble statue of a Greek goddess

Her smile beckons me to my demise as does the Siren’s song to the mariner

Her lips deep crimson poised to fill me with the ichor of her unfathomable force as she in-turn, devours the essence of my being

Her long silk ebony hair is as black as the night encasing all around her in an inescapable mesh secreted by spinnerets

Her eyes are as blue diamonds of ice mesmerizing my senses and intellect

Rational thought and logic are but a memory, a historical footnote without significance

So, fate would have me no longer my own

I beseech thee then spectre, you who have ensnared me beyond resistance

Be gentle, Be kind, Be Honest and Be true

…And so it begins

I willingly submit all that I am to you

Mystic II

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

featured image by Pinterest “Children of the Night”

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