Revelations (a poem)

Revelations I - Chelsea Rose Art
Chelsea Rose Art


Everything is changing there is very little that’s real

I know that life on the Animal Farm seems nice in the beginning when you don’t have to think for yourself or care how others feel

but it gets old when you can’t stop bleeding and toiling in the fields of oppressed tears

Smoke and mirrors work in concert with cloudy days and rain year after year

No one uses their eyes anymore so what’s the need for sunlight when you have learned to live comfortably in the dark

It’s pure pleasure for the elite watching trained dogs chasing mirages in a dream performing tricks while drowning in a raging flood of ignorance at the mercy of sharks

The grass and trees aren’t genuine you know. They are plastic paid for with plastic

as the foolish intellect doesn’t mind getting played all damn day

Strange that the Master has been away from home for so long that is if He had ever been Revelations IIthere at all

Perhaps it’s easier to have Others surveil the beasts rather than wearily watching them spiral into a pitfall

The manufactured burdens of this life are just not sustainable for the masses

The integrity of the foundation crumbles and hope wanes as the created illusions, once revealed, makes us all feel like asses


Is it too late for redemption?

Is it too late for forgiveness?

Is it too late for love?

Is it too late to shine through the darkness?


Band of Horses: I go to the barn because I like the…

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II





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