The Making of Slaves

slavery II

Slavery, is an institution that has been around for centuries in various forms. Modern slavery, however, is more widespread than anyone could ever imagine.  I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on this institution in its contemporary form.  Here are some thoughts on what it takes to create a world of modern slaves:

  • Start by developing a sense of superiority. Identify qualities and characteristics within yourself that you deem superior to the masses around you.
  • Identify the weaknesses in your perceived inferior class and exploit them. Utilise the observed differences among them to foster hatred and discontent – Race, Colour, Creed, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc.  In some ways this can be achieved by fostering an unwavering sense of pride in groups or societies that set groups apart from one another.
  • Undermine any sense of collective cohesion by destroying any evidence of shared experiences or a unique history. Then proceed to re-write history to benefit your desired aims.Reduce the middleclass until only two classes remain – you and the poor
  • Reduce the quality of education. It is uniquely beneficial to dumb-down the masses as intelligence results in thinking, thinking results in the questioning of the established order which in-turn results in actions to alter that established order.
  • Encourage the reduction in family and social structures through government, social agencies and advocatesSaturate the minds of the masses with mindless information from news, social media and various entertainment sourcesslavery V
  • Hold year-round gladiator events to consume their passions and bloodlustslavery IV
  • Poison their physical bodies with artificial and toxic food sources and technological devices
  • Instill within them a competitive desire to pursue wealth, extravagance and worthless material possessions. Competition for scarce resources should also be fostered between observable differences within the masses such as – colour, race, religion, gender, nationality, etc.Endeavour to track each individual and limit freedom of movement
  • Maintain an arm of fear and intimidation in order to manipulate social structures, policies and liberties. Note: a population in fear is easily manipulated and highly malleable
  • Install leadership to serve as a “middleman” between you and the slave population promising them a morsel or two to ensure their allegiance and complianceFinally, maintain powerful policing forces to keep the order in case of revolt or a sudden conscious awareness that could jeopardize the stratagem 

Note: The aforementioned blueprint can be tweaked here and there but should overall slavery Iproduce the desired results.

Witless, uneducated masses wholeheartedly focused on the meaningless is malleable to will. Keep them ideologically immersed in war immersed in vanity of self-righteousness and observe them systematically and narcissistically self destruct.

Though individuals can be intelligent & wise, the masses are pre-disposed to ignorance lost in destructive group-think.

Life within the Matrix though at times comforting, pacifies and fosters ignorance.

Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


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