Friends For All Seasons (A Poem)


Friends I

WHO is the constant extrovert, always on the go

Never a person that crossed her path

That she didn’t desire to know

WHAT was rather the curious sort that always landed in troubleblackeye

He would frequently get us involved in brawls

Often resulting in me seeing double

WHERE tended to disturb my peace, never allowing me to rest

Always wanting to be on the go

Sometimes, I found him to be quite a pest

WHEN was a very good friend of mine that never failed to show a good time

He would always help me to remember pleasant moments

Especially those that were in my prime

Now pondering WHY’s place in my life always gave reason to pause

Though I would enjoy many hours in her company

Her nature never stopped reflecting around cause

Finally, HOW was always exasperating  never showing very much faith in me

Time with her felt like being in school

Honestly, I’d rather stay home and watch Jeopardy

Altogether now they formed an interesting group indeed

Collectively exploring their way through this life

Individually, all are the perfect friends giving me exactly what I need


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II



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