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confused IV

As I sit “zoning out” watching CNN and other news programmes, I am continuously bombarded (as everyone else is) by thoughts and opinions (ad nauseum) of how bad Donald Trump is. They also continue to accentuate every negative thing with regard to his candidacy  and delineate those of the other candidates even to the point of praising them – especially Hillary Clinton.  I mean it is amazing how much the “classified email issue” as well as the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation has been downplayed in the media!

In other words, the main conversation is about “How to stop Trump”.

Election I

By doing this, don’t they run the risk of driving more people to him by putting on full display the bias nature of their opinions in the media?  In some respects, the more you assert the negatives of the “Bad Boy” the more you drive others to him. It’s sort of like telling a child about the evils of drugs and alcohol and emphatically forbidding them to try it thereby creating the desire to do the opposite especially if they are angry or distrustful of you as the messenger?

I personally believe this is part of the reason why the Donald is so popular.  The electorate, in general are disgusted and distrustful of both the political establishment and the media and if they are vehemently arguing how bad something is, then by default the opposite therefore must be true?  I believe the key to effectively dealing with the “Trump Factor” is to honestly address the concerns of disaffected constituents that seem to be flocking to him regardless of whether or not one believes in the validity of those concerns.  Continued attacks on Trump will only drive more to his camp effectively creating more divisiveness among the electorate.

Just some thoughts, concerns (and confusion) with respect to the politically staged circus confused Ithat we seemed to be mired in.


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

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