Uber Conscience of Reflection

Woman Looking at Reflection
Woman Looking at Reflection — Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis

Through manipulation and intimidation was the war waged

Subjugation and fear must its desired end be!

Against the snare of Loki’s mastery did I grapple

and from the might of Ares’ sword did I flee

But with enormous arrogance I denied my fragility

falling ever deeper within the confines of my hubris

I became lost and was no longer recognisable to myself

As I paused in the midst of chaos to reflect upon the murkiness of the mire

Did I discern with certain clarity, that the tormentor in chase was created by mine own reasoning

And with mine own reflection did stare back without cause or compassion

Stated grimly yet curiously sanguine, “With you I will always be.”

uber II

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