Thoughts on Mother’s (and Muthas) Day

Immersed deep in slumber a clever adage evolved I hoped all women with children would sow

That each incline to be a wise and loving “Mother” or risk reaping the rewards of a

Ho, Ho, Ho_ld on,

I suddenly and jovially began to laugh in my sleep as I switched on the Big Game where throughout the stadium, I noticed everyone getting “Laid”

I thought to myself, “viewing this spectacle would be more interesting than the Championship battle between Roe and Wade.

Then rising from my Nocturnals filled with Back pain, frustration and strife

It occurred to me to wish…..

“Happy Mother’s Day” to all and to all “Muthas” your “Just Deserts” in life!

Calvin & Hobbes
Suscipe me secundum mutare mundum

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