In the Blink of an Eye (A Poem)

Blink II

Go left, turn right – did you appreciate the path or were you too distressed by the decision?

Sunrise, sunset – did you see it or were you too occupied by the many unimportant distractions of the day?

A gentle breeze, a field of flowers in bloom – did you stand in silence to enjoy the moment or was there some task that could not be delayed to accomplish?

Life, Love – did you take the opportunity to view it in full clarity and appreciate the wonder of it all while you had it or was it another of those superfluous manifestations that just was?

In the blink of an eye it is here and in the next it is gone. Time is dictated by every instantaneous nanosecond. Have no regrets, no remorse.

Mystic I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II


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