Cogitation of Veritas (Meditation on Truth)

Why do we refuse to see what is? Is there something about the Truth that is so aversive that to fully perceive it would mean inevitable death to us – death of our ideals; death of our reverie and of the constructs that comprises our reality?  Are we that fragile and fearful by nature or were we programmed this way?  Is fear of seeing the truth of who we really are the reason we are always seeking control?

Is IVBy nature we fear to grow old and to die. In truth, everything ages in one form or another and everything eventually ceases to exist, at least in it’s physical state.  To see truth means to see our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  Denying that truth or at least part of it, allows us to project only power.  Controlling how much of truth we see and accept gives us a sense of supremacy of all that lies before us. We may or may not believe in the existence of an all powerful creator but the control we take by denying truth gives us the feeling of being a god ourselves or at least a false perception of it.  But it is all just a mirage with no depth and no substance.  It is simply not real.  No matter who you are, where you are, what you are or what you believe in – failure to see the truth in that which is external to us as well as that which lies within ourselves makes us a flawed creation forever producing and reproducing flawed creations. Is V

When we pause to take an honest look around and within, we tremble with fear because we know that with every fibre of our being that which is seen is illusion – always fluid, somewhat tepid by nature but yet always changing and transitioning for which we have no control.  Perhaps that is why we dare not ever slow down or stop.  We choose to forsake truth and maintain control forever residing in trepidation and denial, foolishly taking on the mantel of our own god.

Below is a video by Collective Soul – “Shine”. Hoping to shine some light of truth


Wisdom I

Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II

One thought on “Cogitation of Veritas (Meditation on Truth)”

  1. Creating alter egos to hide in can be very helpful. Dressing like Batman and acting out Batman can be very helpful while playing little by little with ego. Then ego will be more courageous. 🙂


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