What Monster Have You Created?

Monsters XII

Another Frankenstein film has been released.  The retelling of the same old story – A doctor ignorantly creates an angry, grotesque aberration through his unholy experiments as he arrogantly tries to unlock the secrets to immortality and perhaps fame and fortune along with it.  This is a story that should be familiar to each and every one of us even if you have never read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.  At some point, we all have created monsters whether intentionally or not!

As we journey through this life we inherently create (and destroy) essentially without realising it.  Much like Dr Frankenstein, we create our own monsters which in-turn wreak havoc on the world around us.  Can you ever recall a time when someone has done something to you that was so thoughtless, so disturbing and so mean and evil that it negatively altered your perception of the world around you or tainted your ability to trust and believe in others?  Maybe a trusted friend, confidant or family member has stolen from you or deceived you.  Perhaps a lover or partner has violated your trust by cheating on you.  It could even have been a government or institution that has violated your trust in such a way that it has forever changed who you are and what you believe in. Now take the time to contemplate your own actions with others.  Were you created by Dr Frankenstein or were you the doctor creating the monster?

Monsters IIEvery day monsters are being created by ourselves, others, society and the institutions around us.  These monsters will inevitably come back to haunt or destroy us and sometimes in an unexpected way.   The unfaithful spouse who has created a partner that now finds it difficult to trust in others; the parent or other adult

Monsters IV
LITTLETON, CO – APRIL 20: (VIDEO CAPTURE) Columbine high school shooters Eric Harris (L) and Dylan Klebold appear on a surveillance tape in the cafeteria at Columbine High School April 20, 1999 in Littleton, CO during their shooting spree which killed 13 people. (Photo by Kevin Moloney/Getty Images)

that has abused or violated the innocence of a child; the business organisation which has used or cheated its employees or has mislead consumers; and the unethical actions by those in government which gives birth to a deluded society that now demands revolutionary change are all examples of ways in which we give birth to our monsters.  Of course there are countless other ways in which they are created and all of them with unforeseen consequences.

Monsters VIIIPride, greed, lust, envy, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance and other negative factors are but a few of the facilitators of those monstrous creations.  Is it any wonder that those monsters are shooting children in schools; selling dangerous and deadly drugs in the streets of every city; stealing, raping and murdering without a conscience or even blowing up buildings or massacring hundreds if not thousands as easily as one would order fast-food takeaway.  The evil that we do or visit upon others hasMonsters III consequences. Each and everyone of us needs to be aware of our own actions and how they may impact others and the world around us. If the news we watch daily tells our story then we are failing miserably as a race of so-called intelligent beings and creating more dangerous and evil monsters to frighten, torture, and kill us at an alarming rate. As my niece so bluntly put it, “Karma is a bitch”.

Monsters XI
Hacktivist group members wearing Guy Fawkes masks march towards the gates of the House of Reprersentatives in Quezon City on Tuesday to protest against the Pork Barrel of lawmakers. Hackers recently defaced some government websites to call for a united march against the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or the commonly known Pork Barrel of lawmakers. (MArk Balmores)

The world in which we reside seems to be unraveling with no end in sight.  If, or when the swan song for the structured and ordered societies that we have created finally plays,  what will be its epitaph?  I am thinking something along the lines of, “Here lies the proud societies of human-kind.  They had the potential for true greatness – exceptional compassion, infinite wisdom and understanding,  and the ability to forgive and love all unconditionally.  Instead of achieving that potential, they were destroyed by monsters of their own creation. May the next inhabitants of this world be wiser in all things.”




Wisdom I


Adiuva me verterem figuram mundi  Thoth II






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